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working from home

How to Be Happy Parents During the Covid-19 Lockdown

With the spread of the COVID- 19 pandemic, parents have been obliged to move their work home. In fact, work is not the only issue but schools, as well, have imposed themselves on the family environment. Imagine taking your kids, their homework, and the housework altogether to the office! How would that turn out! The struggle to maintain a steady life at home with all the pressure of the lock-down is common between families. Learn how to be the ideal parent while still having to work from home.

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Being a happy mom

Increase Milk Supply Without Losing Your Mind

Breastfeeding could be particularly stressful when your baby is still in her early stages, and many new moms begin to lose their minds. However, no matter how stressful, the moment your baby latches on to your breast, know that a beautiful connection is happening.

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a dad has an influence on his children

10 Traits a Baby Inherits from Daddy

What could be more exhilarating than to know how your baby will look and act like after she’s born! According to Family Education, ‘…[she is] 60% more likely to have traits that are “active” from [her] dad simply because nature has a natural preference to express those genes.’ There you have it! Below are 10

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Raising a happy baby

7 Tips to Raise a Happy Baby in Lebanon

It is true that all parents in Lebanon wish to raise their children joyfully, but little do they know that a child’s happiness is not only nurtured with a shower of toys. Their behavior is rather a reflection of us – parents. Below are 10 tips that will help you raise a happy baby. Tip

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ستي عم تحكي

كيف بتعرفي انك حامل ببنت أو ولد بدون سونار؟ اسألي ستي

أحلا تسلية بفترة الحبل بلبنان هي إنك تتعرفي على جنس طفلك من دون حكيم. ياما الناس حللت! شي مرة سألتي حالك كيف كانوا يعرفوا جنس الجنين قبل السونار؟ إسمعي نظريات الستات نظرية ستي عن الشهية !عم تاكلي موالح يعني معك صبي، عم تاكلي حلوايات يعني معك بنت. ريتو الف صحة .Petit Mignon خلي بنتك أحلى

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What I Wish I Had Known to Have a Baby in Lebanon

Yes, it is a mind-blowing situation when you are a mom-to-be in a Lebanese zone. To begin with newly wedded couples, the moment they say “I do!”, they begin their battle with society’s oppression. You may think that reading too many books about it will prepare you well. However, it is overwhelming as much as

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How to Establish a Bedtime Routine with Your Toddler

Happy toddlers and happy moms are the productions of a sound and healthy sleep. Hence, as a parental disciplinary act, it is essential to routinize our toddler’s bedtime schedule. If you haven’t done that yet, this could probably be the right time to start improving your baby’s sleeping habits. When Is the Right Bedtime? Before

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Pregnant Women: How to Compliment Them

If I were a mirror across my pregnant self, I would reveal what I should have known all along. I would shed light on my round tummy, underline my flattened feet, foreground my dark eyelids, feature my swollen hands, and accentuate my expanded weight. Then again, I would highlight my lustrous skin and my luscious hair calling, “Despite all that, you are beautiful and men find you charming.”

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Playing with your newborn baby

How to Entertain a 0-3-Month Old Baby without a T.V.

Does your newborn baby appear to be fussy all day? She might not be hungry, you know. Just like you, your baby is bored with all the milk feedings, sleep, and diaper changes, and she simply wants to play. So go ahead and play with her! Learning through Play, supported by UNICEF, states that “…with

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How to soothe a fussy baby

How to Be a Professional at Soothing a Fussy Baby

Being pregnant and fluttery brings enough joy to make you dispose of the image of fussy babies, crying over reasons you are most definitely clueless about. Believe it or not, the reality of putting a crying baby to sleep has a complete twist to what you might have imagined. Whether you are a new parent

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