Excellent Ways to Make My Baby Love Food

Making my baby love food

A baby who doesn’t love food is a fussy eater, and most toddlers tend to be this way.

For instance, many Lebanese parents find it exhausting when it comes to feeding their babies. No matter how hard they try, encouraging their picky baby to eat is more of an impossible task.

Being a fussy eater is a norm for toddlers and part of their infancy. As they grow up and expand their stomachs, babies tend to develop less appetite for food. They also prefer to eat certain kinds of food that may be unsatisfactory for their parents.

Well, it is definitely your way or the highway! Whether they like it or not, you are the one to decide what they should eat. No need to use force, we are here to offer you the best and most effective ways to make your baby love food.

Making Your Baby Love Food: Dos and Don’ts


  • Eat together as a family. This way you will be far from TV or cell phone distractions, and you can model healthy eating habits to your toddler.

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  • Make mealtime fun and consistent. Designate a specific hour for mealtime and make it enjoyable. For instance, you can chat with your toddler at a level he can join.
  • Vary your food offers. This doesn’t mean you are responding to your baby’s refusal. Using different spices or introducing new kinds of food every now and then is a fine way to encourage your baby to eat.

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  • Be positive and keep trying. Remember that you are your baby’s role model. When you demonstrate how much you are enjoying the food, he is more likely to enjoy it. Lebanese mother of an eight-month-old baby, Nadine Asmar, says,

If he doesn’t finish his food, remove it without commenting. Show him a frown and your dissatisfaction. Trust me, he will want to win you back!

  • Call your baby a tiny chef. What a fun way to eat! Involve him in meal making as much as you can. For instance, make him hold pieces of vegetables or fruits and blend them together.

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Making my baby love food and stay happy


  • Don’t offer dessert as a reward. When the prize is that exciting, there is no way your baby will eat his healthy food. This will also lead to more fussiness at the dinner table.
  • Don’t use force. Slapping your baby is never effective. This is also a sign of bad parenting. Your baby will do what you ask for when he feels loved, so refrain from using force because this will only wreck your relationship.
  • Don’t offer new foods from the first time. It may take your baby time to get used to the food you offer. Nadine also says,

“Changing it instantly, will give him the impression that you are lenient. “

  • Don’t offer drinks or snacks right before mealtime. Drinks and snacks will make your baby full.
  • Don’t worry. If mealtime doesn’t go as planned, do not panic. Nadine believes that there are always surprises with children. She says,.

“Give yourself a chance, for you’re still discovering your baby’s tricks.”

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Feeding a picky eater is hectic, but you should always stay positive and keep trying.

Have you ever thought about why your baby is that picky? Is it because you are? Stay posted.




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