Food to avoid before age 12 months


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“Give proper food to your babies & keep them healthy”

These 9 foods should be forbidden for all babies under the age of 12 months…These 9 foods should be forbidden for all babies under the age of 12 months…


1. COW & SOY MILK: Babies can’t digest the proteins in cow’s milk & soy milk during their first year. Also these beverages contain minerals in amounts that can damage the Kidneys.

2. HONEY: It may harbor potentially deadly spores & cause infant botulism. Symptoms include constipation, weakness, poor muscle tone & difficulty swallowing.

3. SALT: Babies shouldn’t eat salt, as it isn’t good for their kidneys. Don’t add salt to your baby’s food & don’t use ready made stock cubes or gravy, as they’re often high in salt.

4. STICKY FOOD: Chewing gum & sticky foods – such as jelly or gummy candies, dried fruit & marshmallows can get lodged in your baby’s throat. Stringy & melted cheese can also be a choking hazard.

5. RAW VEGETABLES: Don’t give raw vegetables to your baby. Soft cook vegetables such as carrots, celery, broccoli, …etc. Dice & cut them into pieces not larger than 1 cm before serving to babies.

6. PROCESSED FOOD: Canned & Processed food are high in sodium, which may be hard for your baby’s kidney to filter.

7. CITRUS FRUITS & JUICES: Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit products may cause your baby to vomit due to high acidity. Also avoid giving excessive amounts of undiluted apple or pear juice. They can trigger diarrhea.

8. NUTS (As a Whole): They are a chocking hazard for children under 4. Also if there is a family history of allergy. If no known family allergy, crushed nuts can be given after 6 months old.

9. SUGAR & CHOCOLATE: Eating foods that are high in sugar throughout childhood can lead to preventable diseases, such as heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.

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