Is my baby eating enough?!

Is my baby eating enough

The biggest concern we have as mothers is if our kids are getting enough food and nutrients. This is probably the single most asked question I get from moms on a daily basis, is my baby eating enough?! My answer is YES 99% of the times!

Babies have small tummies, about the size of their fists, so while you might think the amount of food they’re eating is too little, it is often enough for them.

The majority of healthy babies will eat just the right amount of foods that they need.  We often prepare their meals with so much excitement, we get disappointed if they didn’t empty the plate! .

Resist the urge to offer “just one more bite” when baby indicates he’s finished. You do not want to accidentally override his developing ability to self-regulate his feeding, it is important to pay close attention to your baby’s hunger\fullness cues.

Offering a well-balanced diet of solid foods will help ensure that your baby is eating the right amount of the right nutrients.
If you are stressed out by this, look at the whole picture! Babies’ intake might change on a daily basis due to their appetite or the food offered, so look at the amount they’re eating throughout the week rather than daily or at each meal.

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