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Wean from Breastfeeding: Tips for Lebanese Moms

Do you feel like you are completely ready to wean your baby from breastfeeding? Most Lebanese mothers find it challenging to finally make a decision and stop. Weaning your baby means cutting back on the healthiest food supply she could ever get in her life, but the time to stop must come!

If weaning is your decision, it’s best for you and your baby to do it gradually, and with love. Breastfeeding is a two-way street. If you resent it, your baby will most likely catch up on this. However, if she is older than a year, it may be more difficult to do so.

Here are some healthy ways you can follow to wean your baby with love and care.

This article includes:

When Should I Wean My Baby?

How to Wean Your Baby Under a Year Old

How to Wean You Baby Who Is Older than a Year

Healthy Ways to Wean Your Baby in the Daytime

Healthy Ways to Wean Your Baby at Night

When Should I Wean My Baby?

Most babies are ready to start solid foods by 6 months, depending on the call of the pediatrician. When your baby starts solid foods, this means that her natural needs are growing.  As you introduce your baby to new foods, you are encouraged to continue to breastfeed.

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This is how you’ll know that your baby is ready for solid foods and weaning:

  • When she seems more hungry than usual
  • When she can control her neck muscles
  • When she shows interest in food
  • When she knows that when she opens her mouth food will come in
  • When she can turn her head away to let you know she doesn’t want to eat

You can either wean your baby naturally or plan for it. Natural weaning is when you watch your baby’s cues and wean at her own pace. You will observe how she naturally becomes more interested in different kinds of food. Babies who are weaned naturally usually stop breastfeeding completely sometime between 2 and 4 years of age. However, when you decide to start the weaning process, this is planned weaning and babies will stop breastfeeding earlier.

As your baby grows, it will become more challenging to wean her from breastfeeding.

How to Wean Your Baby Under a Year Old

Start by substituting one feed.

Try first to substitute her least favorite feeding, and bit by bit substitute the others. If she doesn’t accept the bottle knowing that your breast is there, ask someone to give her the bottle.

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Try not to be at home to wean her easily.

Your baby will smell you when you are around, so she is more likely to take a bottle when you are not in the room. Ask a grandparent, a caretaker, or the father to offer her a bottle when you leave the house. This way has proved to be successful and harmless.

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Take it slow.

Let your baby have some time between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. Express a little milk from your breasts to your own comfort, if you become engorged. Don’t express a whole feeding’s worth of milk; just enough to take the pressure off. Your body will get the signal to make less milk over time, slowly. 

Hold and cuddle your baby.

Hold your child close to you and leather smell you when she takes the bottle. This is a significant sign of love and will help in the weaning process.

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How to Wean Your Baby Who Is Older than a Year

As your baby grows, it will become more challenging to wean her from breastfeeding.

Wean naturally or place restrictions

Most Lebanese moms tend to wean their toddlers naturally. Others place restrictions on breastfeeding as their child grows. Some begin to wean only during the day and continue to breastfeed at night, or the opposite. It does not have to be all or nothing.

Healthy Ways to Wean Your Baby in the Daytime

A Lebanese mother looks for the healthiest strategies to wean her baby from breastfeeding in the daytime. Here you have some tips about daytime breastfeeding:

Breastfeed only when your child asks.

Don’t offer to breastfeed your child when she doesn’t ask. This will help accelerate the weaning process.

Change daily routines to encourage your baby to wean.

Change daily routines to avoid the nursing chair. For instance, take your baby out for a walk or to the grocery store at the time when she asks for nursing.

Get help when you need it.

For instance, if your baby breastfeeds first thing when she wakes up, try getting up before her and ask your husband to offer her a bottle.

Offer substitutions and distractions.

At the usual breastfeeding time, offer substitutions and distractions. You can read, take a walk, ride a bike, play with toys, paint, or sing to your child.

Shorten the length of nursing.

You can tell your child that you will finish nursing when you stop singing. It may be helpful if your child understands the concept of time.

Healthy Ways to Wean Your Baby at Night

Bedtime nursing is usually the most difficult to wean your baby from. Leaving your child to cry is not a healthy technique.

Wean  your baby from breastfeeding by staying close without feeding her.
I am a Lebanese mother myself, and the best way I have found to wean my boy at night is staying by his crib until he falls asleep.

I am a Lebanese mother myself, and the best way I have found to wean my boy at night is staying by his crib until he falls asleep. He feels loved and secure, which makes him fall asleep smoothly.

These are a few tips that will help you wean your child at night:

Consider moving your baby to her own crib.

If you are co-sleeping, consider moving your baby to her crib in her room. Make sure you answer her calls when she is frightened, but avoid holding her. You can stay by her crib, hold her hand, and let her see you until she falls asleep.

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Get help from other family members.

Other family members can help take over the sleep routines if your baby is too attached to breastfeeding. Sometimes, when you are not around, the process becomes much easier.

Offer water or a snack instead of milk.

Give your baby water or a snack if your baby feels hungry.


Cuddles, hugs, and music are the best substitutes for nursing time!


Most Lebanese mothers find it challenging to wean their babies from breastfeeding. They tend to look for various substitutes without disturbing their babies. The older your baby grows, the more difficult the process becomes. Whether you choose natural or planned weaning, remember that your child has made her way through a healthy journey of breastfeeding.


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