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Is TikTok Safe for Kids? The Horror of Lebanese Parents

My kid spends hours on the Internet and can’t get enough of TikTok. Is TikTok safe for children? If you are worried about what your kids are getting exactly, you are not alone. This is what you need to know about TikTok along with the ways that you can follow to protect your child.

There is no place on the Internet that is considered safe, so no matter what your child is doing on his device, make sure you know all about it. Recently, the most trending app has been TikTok. Children of various ages have access to it in an unlimited matter. They speak of it wherever they’d go and to whomever they’d meet. Scenes of girls imitating dances or boys playing tricks have been recorded in schools, homes, and public places.

Now, you may wonder what negative consequences can come from a little fun between the kids? Well, the effects are way deeper than what you can see.

What is TikTok Actually?

TikTok is a trending app on social media that was considered the most downloaded in the world in 2020. It specializes in video creation and streaming and allows users to record, edit and share short-form videos You can be creative with the content and filters which is kind of addictive regarding all the fun it brings with it.

Recent statistics have shown that children and teens aged between seven and nineteen make 25% of TikTok users worldwide. However, in Lebanon, the percentage is much greater, especially after the Coronavirus lockdown. Currently, it is the hottest app on the platform.

Parents wish to make TikTok safe so that they can enjoy the fun
You can be creative with the content and filters which is kind of addictive regarding all the fun it brings with it.

When you begin using the app, you will have access to short videos that drill one after the other nonstop. You will find that pretty amusing, especially that the videos present all kind of content such as, recipes, dances, songs, jokes, celebrities, fashion, and more. When you start making your own videos, it gets a whole lot more fun and creative. You will even get the chills when you find that your audience interacts with their follows, likes, and comments. The app is, thus, accessible, easy to use, and personalized to one’s taste.

However, there are some elements that make TikTok a hazard for children posing some serious security issues.

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Why Isn’t TikTok Safe?

The Internet is loaded with cyberbullies, predators, and inappropriate content. TikTok, in addition, has harmful effects on mental health, like increased depression, anxiety, and weak academic performance.

1- Inappropriate Content

Creators are able to access to popular songs and videos that may include harsh words and sexual language, and the ways the dancers dress may be inappropriate for children. “Even though the ‘Younger Users’ version of TikTok filters out mature content, it’s still likely that inappropriate content will make its way through. Users can block and report accounts or comments, but critics say TikTok is often slow in addressing reports.” VPNoverview states.

That is not to mention the sexual comments sent by followers and the connection they can make with them. Children are able to access their followers’ profiles and communicate with them without knowing who they really are.

2- Addiction and Brain Damage

It is human nature to get addicted to social media. The more you feel your audience’s interaction with their likes, follows, and comments, the greater will be your urge to impress them.

Shy or introverted children and teens who feel appreciated on social media, build their virtual confidence. They enjoy building their followers feeling cheered for. Besides, the things they do online they are unlikely to do normally because they feel more impulsive.

In addition, the addiction to any app on social media has long-lasting effects on our children’s brains. They tend to be less patient, less focused, and more agitated. This reflects in their performance at school and their communication with people in real life. More severely, kids have been using abusive language with each other and with adults, lacking the respect they are taught in their homes.

3- Cyberbullying

If your child’s account is public, this opens them up to the eyes and messages of strangers. Kids on TikTok often want their videos to be liked, and this makes them vulnerable to safety threats on TikTok, like sexual exploitation.

Who are cyberbullies, you ask?

They are predators on social media that make rude or hateful comments that can be harmful for your kid’s mental health. They can also send messages that drive an innocent kid to respond to. Some cases have been reported that kid’s who have been cyberbullied were sexually attacked mentally or physically. Some also had desires of killing themselves as a result of ridicule.

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How Can You Make TikTok Safe?

You cannot totally prevent your child from being up-to-date with recent trends. As a matter of fact, technology serves positively when used correctly. A kid, preteen, or a teen may be oblivious of how damaging social media and TikTok can be, so it is up to you as parent to apply safety measures.

1- Manage your child’s settings in the app.

Scroll down to the “Privacy and Safety” option and set your child’s account to private. You also have the ability to customize who can view your child’s videos, add comments, or message them. However, make sure you keep track of the privacy settings because kids also have access to change them.

No matter what you do on the app, you have to act as a parent and thrust ground rules.

2- With the mentioning of ground rules, limit screen time.

The best thing you can do to convince your kids that they should not have access to their devices anytime is to have an open-dialogue. Give them space to talk about TikTok and tell them your opinion. A great first step can be to sit and look at it together. Remember that communication is key to a healthy relationship with your children no matter what age they are.

Besides, long hours spent before a screen result in harsh consequences on your child’s mental health and their academic performance. Recent studies have shown that schools in Lebanon have lost %80 of their qualified teachers due to bad disciplining and behavioral problems. Educators are letting go of their passions because of the amount of money they spend on medication every month.

3- Examine and understand TikTok.

Knowledge is power. Your kids are most likely to spend more time than you do on TikTok, so it is better for you to understand it yourself. Examine it, check how it works, read comments and messages.

Is TikTok safe for my kids? The answer is ‘not entirely’. We cannot forbid them from examining social media and having an idea about it, but, at the same time, we cannot leave them up to their own consent. Their addiction to TikTok or any app on social media has long-lasting effects on their brains. Hence, it is important to apply parental control and communicate wisely with your children about it.

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