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Potty Training Readiness: How Will My Baby Tell Me?

Have you been thinking about the right time to start potty training your baby? It is of no absurdity to tell when she is ready to start, for babies show symptoms that they need not a diaper anymore. Yet, every baby has her own pace, so the signs might not show until a certain age in which she is ready. Find out how your baby is trying to tell you that she needs to use the toilet.

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Common Signs that Show When Your Baby is Ready for Potty Training

Read the list below and mark the signs that your toddler displays.

  • A wet diaper is irritating. He is continuously pulling his diaper away from his skin.
  • She seems shy when pooping or peeing in her diaper.
  • You do not have to change his diaper frequently since his poops are scheduled.
  • Her diaper is dry after a nap. This means that her bladder muscles have strengthened. (Read more about naps: How to Establish a Bedtime Routine with Your Toddler.)
  • He can follow simple directions.
  • She is able to coordinate her movements. She can pull her pants up and down, sit down and stand up easily.
  • He can tell you that he needs to go to the toilet, as he is beginning to communicate with words.
  • The toilet has become interesting to her, and she likes to watch you go.

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Succeeding at potty training
“We can do it!”

There is no specific age for potty training, as each baby will show signs at different times. Therefore, it is important not to rush things through. Starting early may delay your baby’s success. Watching your baby growing up is enjoyable in every way, but remember that “patience” and “motivation” together make you and your baby happy.

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