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Where to Find Organic Baby Products in the Lebanese Market

how to find organic baby products and clothes

With the new educated and edified generation of parents, more knowledge has been swept about the risks of consuming non-organic products. The Lebanese market today is providing customers with the ultimate manufacturers enlightening its citizens and aiming towards eco-friendly ways of life. Parents are bombarded with ads about organic products to integrate into their lives; and pediatricians and nutritional experts roam across the pages of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok preaching and directing. Read more and learn where to find organic baby products in one of the top Lebanese baby shops – Petit Mignon.

Why Choose Organic Products for Your Growing Babies and Children

Growing babies are the most delicate and fragile beings; therefore, you must remember these five points when you shop for your little one:

  • Organic cosmetics are made of organics that are grown without pesticides, and they have no scary ingredients.
  • You shouldn’t worry about side effects when applying organic creams and shampoos on your baby.
  • Organic products are allergen-aware, as their producers limit the use of certain foods that may cause allergic reactions.
  • Organic baby and adult products are BPA-free, as they do not contain Bisphenol-A, which is responsible for leaching toxic chemicals into any product contained in BPA plastic.
  • Think about your baby’s future on this earth! Organics are eco-friendly; unlike the conventionally produced products that send pesticide pollutants into the air, land, and water supply.

Newborn Skin Is Permeable

Since the skin is the largest organ, it protects and regulates body temperature. However, unlike adults, a baby’s skin is thinner and more permeable allowing liquids and gasses to pass through. It is less resistant than adult skin, and so it is inescapable to select only the ultimate skin-friendly fabric for babies – cotton.

Where to find organic baby products to protect a baby's skin
Newborn skin is permeable; you can feel how soft it is.

The dangers of chemically- treated baby clothes have not yet been completely publicised, and we can find non-organic cotton or polyester in many retail shops. If you are not yet aware, this causes major problems to your baby’s skin. Conventional, non-organic cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides. On the other hand, polyester is derived from petroleum and treated with thousands of toxic chemicals during production.

The safest alternative for your baby is to pick organic clothes, made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown naturally and sustainably, without herbicides, pesticides, or any other harmful chemicals.

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Health Awareness with Petit Mignon Lebanon

Petit Mignon is a baby shop, located in Ghazir, Lebanon. From new-borns to ten years of age, it offers a splendid variety of kids’ clothing, shoes, toys, cosmetics, accessories, and more. It is well-known for providing customers with high-quality products and clothes, made of organic structures to secure your baby’s healthy skin.

Where to Find Organic Baby Products

You can shop in store or order from Petit Mignon Lebanon website. Explore different categorized world-renowned brands and select from a wide range of baby and maternity products.

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Organic Baby Clothes at Petit Mignon

Shop for the Biorganic baby clothes and accessories. All items are made of eco-friendly material: 100% organic cotton. Biorganic is one of the best-selling brands at Petit Mignon, as it manufactures the safest baby outerwear. Here are a few Biorganic choices:

Organic bibs of different textures
Organic towels for girls and boys with cute prints
Organic towels
Colorful organic socks
Cute baby overalls and sets made of 100% cotton
Cute Biorganic spring and summer dresses

Find More Organic Baby Products at Petit Mignon

Baby Shampoos and Shower Gels

A wide range of Chicco shampoos and shower gels with 96% natural origin formula
Zwitsal Lebanon is a household brand for delicate & sensitive skin; whether that of a baby, toddler, preschooler or even an adult.
You can shop for Johnson’s complete collection of shampoos, shower gels, hand washes, lotions, diaper creams, and more.
The product is completely natural, which means that it is very safe to use.

Baby Lotions and Diaper Creams from Top Brands

Highly recommended natural shower creams from Zwitsal are available.
Diaper cream, made of 98% natural formula
Find the perfect vitamin creams for all newborns.
Natural baby face creams from Mustela

Medically Approved Baby Perfumes 

Your baby’s skin would want perfumes that are aromatic, delicate, and extremely gentle.

A Massive Collection of Feeding Plates and Bowls

One healthy feeding option

Baby Bottles and Teats that Mimic the Natural Flex of a Mom’s Breast

Selecting bottles & teats can be tricky. Some babies take a bottle with a smile, as others need a particular kind of nipple. The collection includes any type that suits your baby, so take your time and browse through all products to make the right choice. If your baby prefers breastfeeding, Petit Mignon offers you the Tommee Tippee – Extra Slow Flow Feeding Bottle. Its unique, easy-latch-on teat shape is studied with breastfeeding experts to mimic the natural flex, stretch, and movement of a mom’s breast.


Buying natural products is not a trend. There are several chemicals, fragrances, and dyes in clothing and baby products that can lead to skin conditions; but when living an organic life, you do not have to worry about any harm or side effects of the cosmetics. Organic products are 100% safe, contain natural ingredients, are free of toxic chemicals, and are extremely delicate on a baby’s skin.

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