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Why Do Baby Teeth Deserve Care? What Do Experts Say?

caring for baby teeth

Don’t be fooled by these myths about baby teeth:

  • #1 Baby teeth aren’t important because they are going to fall out.
  • #2 Cavities in baby teeth do not matter.
  • #3 There’s no need to brush them.
  • #4 Babies do not need to see a dentist.

There are many misconceptions about baby teeth, primary teeth, or milk teeth. All of which stem from the idea that they will fall out to give the tooth fairy more business to do! What’s the big deal anyway? Can’t we just spare a bit of our baby’s fussiness and wait for them to fall out?

The answer is no and no and no! Neglecting your baby’s primary teeth can set her for lifelong dental problems. As a matter of fact, preschoolers who have cavities in their teeth are more likely to develop cavities in their permanent teeth.

How Do I Care for Baby Teeth?

When you help to care for your baby’s milk teeth, you will make sure her jaws become strong. This will secure the growth of her permanent teeth as they will be held firmly by her jaws.

Dr. Christelle Saadeh from Beirut, specialized in Endodontics, recommends the first dental visit by twelve months of age or six months after the first tooth pops out.

She has become a role model for many of the young mommas who aim to take care of their baby’s health. This is what most of them ask:

Why and How Should I Care for My Baby’s Oral Health?

To prevent lifelong dental problems, Dr. Saadeh encourages care for oral health even before your baby pops out her teeth. This is what she advises young mommas:

  • Use a damp soft muslin cloth to wipe the gums and tongue after every feeding.
  • Toothpaste isn’t necessary, simply rinse your baby’s mouth as this will prevent bacteria to grow.
  • Use silicon bristles finger toothbrushes when brushing your baby’s gums.
When you help to care for your baby’s milk teeth, you will make sure her jaws become strong.

What Is the Perfect Brush for Baby Teeth?

Many moms have asked what the perfect way is to brush their babies’ milk teeth.

Dr. Saadeh recommends brushing teeth twice a day the moment they begin to show. She adds that the best way to brush them is by using a baby toothbrush and adding toothpaste the size of a rice seed.

What Do I Do When My Baby Is Teething and Fussy?

Brushing your baby’s milk teeth does make her fussier, and I am sure that you ought to spare yourself a bit of that fussiness. Remember that being fussy is your baby’s only way of expression, so unless she’s bothered, she won’t weep.

Teething is a major reason for your baby’s discomfort. For the best soothing effect, here’s what to do according to Dentist Christelle Saadeh:

  • Distract your bundle of joy in any fun way possible. Be a clown.
  • Rub her gum with a clean teething ring.
  • Use cold rubbing items on the gum.
  • If your baby is six months or older, you can give her healthy raw fruits or vegetables to gnaw on.
  • Do not rely on teething gels. There is no exact evidence that they are effective.

For more about teething pain cures, read “Teething Symptoms and the Best Natural Pain Cures”.

What Else Should I Know about Caring for Baby Teeth?

Dr. Saadeh throws light on the use of a pacifier. She says that it is adviceful to get rid of it no later than the age of two years. That is because it will lead to negative dental implications; such as open bite and misaligned teeth.

Furthermore, if a baby tooth falls out by accident, place it back into the socket if possible or put it in a clean container with milk until you are able to go to the dentist.


Taking care of baby teeth is as essential as caring for your baby’s permanent ones. That is because when you keep her gums clean and healthy, you ought to make them stronger and a fine ground for the permanent teeth to grow on. Always make sure to clean the gums after feedings and to brush her milk teeth twice a day with a baby toothbrush and a scrap of toothpaste. In doing so, you will be able to keep away the cavities.

But how do babies really get cavities? Aren’t they too young for them?



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