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Increase Milk Supply Without Losing Your Mind

Being a happy mom

Breastfeeding could be particularly stressful when you try to increase your milk supply, and many new moms begin to lose their minds. However, no matter how stressful, the moment your baby latches on to your breast, know that a beautiful connection is happening.

AUBMC (American University of Beirut Medical Center) in “Immunize Your Kids: Breastfeed” recommends breastfeeding as a vaccine for babies. Moreover, for those who are anxious about their baby weight, the good news is that it helps you return to your original weight faster. So here are a few tips on how to increase your milk supply so that you and your baby can benefit from breastfeeding.

Help Your Baby Increase Milk Supply.

Position Your Baby Correctly.

It is necessary for your baby to latch on to your breast correctly, so be patient and do not rush your baby to feed.

Nursing pillows are quite significant when it comes to positioning your nursing baby. Find a variety at Petit Mignon.

Nurse on Demand.

Breastfeeding on demand is quite beneficial

The more your baby sucks on your breast, the more milk your body makes. Allow your baby to nurse on demand until your milk supply is well- established.

Follow the Right Diet to Increase Milk Supply.

Eat and Drink Well.

Soups are a significant choice to increase milk supply
Delicious shrimp and curry soup!

As breastfeeding contributes to a faster weight loss, it speedily increases the rate of fat burn. Therefore, be glad and not to worry about weight gain. Eat and drink well so that you can increase your milk supply.

Stay Hydrated.

It is estimated that a woman who breastfeeds should drink 4 liters of water per day. Moreover, it is important to increase her intake of liquids; such as soups, juices, and tea.

Help Your Body Increase Milk Supply.

Be stress free

Pump between Feedings to Increase Milk.

Pump frequently between feedings and for 10-20 minutes per session. Emptying your breasts promotes your body to make more milk.

Massage Your Breast While Nursing or Pumping.

Massaging your breasts is an excellent way to keep cells active for lactation. Residents at St. George Hospital in Achrafieh, recommend breast massage for first-time mothers as their cells for breastfeeding will be forming.

Be Patient for Your Fussy Baby.

Breastfed babies are quite fussy, especially at night. Well, they could be fussy for various reasons, so there is no need to lose your mind.

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Get Rest.

Getting rest while breastfeeding is essential to increase milk supply

Try to sleep during your baby’s naps, for it is important that you rest well to increase your milk supply. You can also get help from a close relative who will be thrilled to spend time with your sweet baby.

Let your baby sleep soundly in these comfortable bedding sets from Petit Mignon.

To Increase Milk, Avoid Stress from Surroundings.

The more stressful you are, the lower is your milk supply. Breastfeeding is a major importance to you and to your baby and is recommended by doctors and professionals. Therefore, try to lower the stress intensity around you, especially the stress of having a baby. In addition, If you are Lebanese, people authorize themselves to be your tutors. Let the mother instinct speak boldly and do what makes you and your baby happy.

For more information on raising a baby in Lebanon, read What I Wish I Had Known to Have a Baby in Lebanon.

Do not lose your mind when it comes to increasing your milk supply. Breastfeeding creates a wonderful bond with your baby. Not only will she strengthen her immune system but will also be familiarized with your smell, voice, and face.






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