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10 Traits a Baby Inherits from Daddy

a dad has an influence on his children

What could be more exhilarating than to know how your baby will look and act like after she’s born! According to Family Education, ‘…[she is] 60% more likely to have traits that are “active” from [her] dad simply because nature has a natural preference to express those genes.’ There you have it! Below are 10 traits that your baby is most likely to inherit from her father.

1. Intelligence

A baby learning from her daddy
“The bear munched and he crunched…”

If your husband is a “smarty pants”, it is most likely that your offsprings will be as intelligent. Yet, they might need to study harder at school in case he wasn’t, and do not underestimate your insightful abilities. It is just that kids get a higher percentage of their thinking skills from their dad.

2. Height

A baby grows as tall as his daddy

Genes play a major role in determining whether an offspring is tall or short. However, in most cases, the father is the one to control his child’s height.

3. Eye Color

Dark eyes are normally dominant when it comes to genes, so if the father has black or brown eyes, his babies are most likely to get them.

4. Nose Shape

Your little one’s cute button nose resembles her daddy’s. No matter how much it is going to change, babies most likely get their noses from the dad’s side of the family.

5. Hair Type

The hair gene is also controlled by the father. Just like the eyes, dominant hair genes give the baby black or brown colored hair.

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6. Furrowed Brow

Blame the daddy for that frown! If your baby grows up to have a furrowed brow, do not think twice. She absolutely stole it from her dad.

7. Handedness

Handedness has to do with hand preference, right or left, which is also a trait the father passes on to his babies.

8. Dental Issues

The problems that we have with our teeth are hereditary. Teeth structure, gums, and cavities all stem from the mouth of the father.

9. Sleeping Style

Standardizing your baby’s sleep may not work at times, and it may be genetic. Hence, when trying to lull your baby to sleep, consider her father’s sleeping routine.

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10. Sense of Humor

A baby is funny like her father
“Guess who!!!”

Women are mostly attracted to men with a great sense of humor. If your husband seems to give you a crack at every joke, your babies are most likely to be as funny.

A Lebanese proverb says, “This cub belongs to that lion.” (.هذا الشبل من ذاك الاسد) Well, it doesn’t matter from whom they get their genes, we all wish to have healthy babies. Those are some traits that a dad is most likely to pass on to his offsprings. Do you find them all in your baby?





2 thoughts on “10 Traits a Baby Inherits from Daddy

  1. Abou Martin
    August 21, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Yehhh, I found them all in my baby boy
    Go daddyyy

  2. Silvana Hakim
    August 21, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Yes It is so true. All these traits can be found in every baby looking like his dad. Very interesting and cute article!

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