16 Brilliant Ways to Calm Your Baby

Babies spend their many weeks in a quiet, dark womb, and suddenly emerge in a loud, bright, open world. Baby’s cry is the most distressing sound any parent can hear. At the initial process, it was a bit hard to check if my baby is hungry, wet, tired, or not. 

Researchers have found that by engaging the baby’s senses effectively during her first few months. It is an adjustment for the newborn baby to get used to being outside the womb. 

But few babies adapt pretty quickly, especially when they experience sensations they have already experienced while being inside their mother’s womb. Caring for a baby is hard work and it becomes a little difficult to handle the babies. 

So here are the few brilliant ways to calm your baby: 

  • Soothe your baby with touch 

You can try massaging your belly before the birth of your baby. It can help your baby get familiar with you. Babies can recognize the sensations on the lips, and nose and later, she’ll be able to pick up on your movements.

  • Soothe your baby with a taste 

By the second trimester, the baby starts to taste the amniotic fluid that surrounds them. Try to eat many of the same foods you did while pregnant. When sweet substances are introduced through a mom’s diet babies swallow more amniotic fluid. 

  • Soothe your baby with the sound 

When you are about 18 weeks pregnant, your baby can hear. Apart from all the background noise of your heart, stomach they can hear mostly you. Familiar voices like your smell and your touch is a huge consolidation for your infant. 

  • Soothe your baby with the smell

By the third-trimester baby’s nose starts getting developed by 15 weeks they can sniff aromas and are able to remember it later. Babies find comfort while seeking out familiar fragrances. 

  • Soothing with sight 

When you are 26 weeks pregnant your baby’s eyes are closed. Babies have a pre-pre-programmed desire to look into your face. Connecting with your babies is very calming for them. If you pace, sing, and pull out every trick can help your baby in soothing. 

Many babies may be in need of stimulation. That is when bold patterns and colors come in. Toys or blankets with different colors and patterns can capture infants’ attention and help them wind down their whimpers. 

  • Play for your baby a lullaby

When babies hear a lullaby playing they shake around it. Babies like to hear confused versions of mom’s voice even more prominently than mother thumping heart. 

  • Get your baby a massage 

Try to give your baby a rub every time when you lay them down. Always be gentle and responsive to the baby’s pleasure and discomfort. By doing this it can improve your baby’s muscle and help in pacifying them. 

  • Bring a favorite scent for your baby

When a mother eats cookies while being pregnant babies get attracted to the scent once born. Babies recognize their mothers by the odor within the hours after the birth. To find comfort babies seek out familiar fragrances. 

  • Try to make eye contact

While feeding babies they arrive to focus with an ability on your face. At this time you should stop everything and look into their big bright eyes. If you are a mother, multitasking is your part of the duty. 

  • While pregnant eat the same foods afterward 

Babies that are breastfed have an advantage as they continue to get familiar flavors through mothers’ milk. Keep your diet similar to what you kept during pregnancy. 

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  • Always keep the familiar smell 

Many people are aware of the fact that babies are covered in a white cheese-like substance that is called vernix. It has the same odor as the womb and you can use this scent to your advantage. This odor can add calm after a bumpy ride into the world. 

Babies need human touch but not just confinement. Skin to skin touch is much better than cuddling. Infants that share bare-chested snuggles with their mothers breathe better and cry less, according to many studies. 

  • Nourish wisely 

It has been said that as mothers eat fruits and vegetables and spices like garlic, onion and vanilla affects the flavors of the amniotic fluid. Babies find comfort mostly in familiar flavors that mothers nourished while pregnant. 

  • Sing and read to your baby 

A familiar voice is a huge consolation for your babies. Infants get soothed by the noises of everything that happens around their mothers. At the time of pregnancy when your baby hears good things, it is very good for them afterward. 

  • Never mask your scent

Mothers should take care of this thing that when they give birth they should reach for standby perfumes. You must stick with what the baby is familiar with. If you are leaving your baby with a sitter give your baby a piece of clothing with your signature smell. 


Many researchers have found that by effectively engaging babies’ senses during their first few months. I hope the ways that i have shared through this blog will be helpful to you.

You can also share your ideas or different ways with us in our comment section. 

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