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5 Major Tips That Help Parents Communicate with Their Children Peacefully

communicating with children

“Eat your vegetables. Go to bed. Put your toys away.” Does this sound familiar? How many of you, moms, have repeated these phrases over and over without getting any response? In fact, I suppose your children repel, making you look like total fools in front of people! This is ordinary and happens in every home. Every parent has to deal with situations when their child just doesn’t want to behave, and, after several attempts, everyone ends up screaming.

When screaming is always the tragic ending of a story, parents should try to find the right ways to communicate with their children. Ever heard of reverse psychology? This is it! Reverse psychology! Now, repeat after me, “Those vegetables are only for adults, don’t eat them.” What do you think?

Instead of forcing your kids to eat the healthy salad that they hate, prohibit them from having it. Then, you will see how your reluctant kids will start asking for it.

Reverse psychology has always been the answer to many problems with children. Here’s how you can do it:

1- Making Your Children Clean Up

Time the task and say, “How fast can you pick up your toys in just 2 minutes?” And they always win.

Asking or forcing them to pick up their toys leads to more unwillingness, so make it a competition. Time the task and say, “How fast can you pick up your toys in just 2 minutes?” And they always win.

You can also reward your kids with other tasks magnifying their sense of responsibility. You can tell them how strong they have grown after completing several tasks around the house.

Another trick is to make them choose between two tasks. For instance, ask them, “What do you prefer, cleaning the windows or doing the dishes?”

2- Getting Your Children Dressed in the Morning

This could be seriously tough! Getting kids out of bed and dressing them early in the morning is more of an impossible task. How to deal with it?

Time to play schemes with daddy! Ask your child to get dressed, lay under the sheets, and act as if she’s sleeping. When daddy enters the bedroom and tries to wake her, he will be surprised that she is all dressed and ready. Your child will love playing tricks on her dad, and, consequently, getting ready in the morning will become enjoyable.

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3- Dealing with Tantrums

Dealing with tantrums
“Where’s your mommy? We need to find her. Oh, wait! I am your mom. Hugs!”

She asked her own child who was having a meltdown, “Where is your mommy?” And she planted her eyes everywhere trying to find her.

I once read a story that profoundly aroused my interest. A three-year-old burst into a tantrum at a supermarket. Her screams reached every corner. The amazing part is how the mother dealt with her child’s frustration. All she said was, at a somehow elevated tone but without screaming, “Where is your mommy? We need to find her.” She waited a few seconds and glared at her startled child. Then, she cried, “Oh, wait! I am your mom. Hugs!” After the child’s confusion with what her mommy had said, they really ended up hugging, and the tantrum came to a cease.

One can learn from this story that yelling leads to more vex and a bigger tantrum. Children are unpredictable at times. In a blink of an eye, they can shift from tranquility to a commotion. Thus, to spare the rumble of people around, we should calm ourselves as a first attempt at calming our children. We are a reflection of them.

4- Making Your Children Eat Healthy Food

Reverse psychology plays a major role here. Kids love what is prohibited, so if you want them to eat healthy foods, restrain them from their diet. Instead of forcing them to eat that piece of broccoli, make it a reward. In other words, punish your kids by not allowing them to eat their salad. This way, they will be less reluctant and more wanting of the foods that are forbidden.

5- Disallowing Children to Touch and Break Things

Keep them busy. Research suggests that children who tend to be destructive have a case of boredom, so keep them active throughout the day. Drag their attention away from any decorative item that you wish to keep in good shape and allow them to engage in the chores that you do around the house.

So how does reverse psychology work here?

Remember that it is not your full responsibility to keep them entertained. Therefore, trick them into breaking the things you don’t need. Surround them with toys and never mention the expensive globe on the table. Allow them to smash their puzzles, dolls, or toy cars, dragging their attention away from other items around the house.


Reverse psychology can be the perfect method in the process of bringing up your children. However, do consider whether it may have negative implications or not. There are certain times at which you should refrain from using it.

Find out when you should use reverse psychology and when not to. Read “How to Use Reverse Psychology on Your Kids” by HowStuffWorks.

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