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How to be a positive mom (even when you don’t feel like it!)

It is very important to adapt and learn how to maintain who you are while being a wife and a mother. As a parent, you constantly think about your children. For a small period, you are the only world your kids have. You can’t take a break when you want, you can’t pick up a book when your newborn is hungry. 

Motherhood has a way of bringing out the spectrum of emotions. You should just sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s a fun moment and you should soak up these memories without stressing or causing your kids to have stress. Take it easy on yourself. If you are skipping something because of your child let it be! Let things go just a bit! Enjoy the moment that you are in right now! 

So here are the few secrets for all the mothers to be a positive mom: 


Being the mom of a young child is rich and rewarding, but also a real strain on your mood. In every moment to moment you may get frustrated, exhausted, or sometimes angry. There are some moments with your children that can overcome your frustration. The first step to being a happier mom is to value what you do to feel that is very important. 

You should find ways to make it more enjoyable. Not only you’ll be doing the best things for yourself, but you’ll also become the most effective mom.

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For being in a more positive mood you should structure your day in such a way so that you do more things you enjoy. This way you can spend your time and not your money that counts. You should think about how to clean your house or you can spend your time while playing with your child. 

Take care of your body by eating the right food, drinking enough water, and taking supplements that will help you. When you will get a hold of your stress and get it under control, your body will learn how to turn that stressed life into your best life. 


The routine is the key to any successful day! If you follow a perfect routine it will make your life so easy, and you will also feel flexible by following a perfect schedule. You should let your value and principles guide you first, particularly at the times when you are tempted to lose it. 

In the morning, for instance, instead of trying to do ten things, take your cup of coffee to the window and sip it. Notice what’s going on. Will it change your life? No, but you’ll probably feel calmer.


One of the quickest ways to dispel your anger, frustration, or near to the surface outburst is to zoom out. Yes, we know it is extremely frustrating to take care of multiple small children day in and day out. Their physical needs are all-consuming. 

You must be hyper-vigilant and cannot let them out of your sight. There are so many mothers who have to deal with all of this all alone. So it is very important to keep yourself calm.


Change can mean different things to every one of us. Maybe it’s being more mindful of how you respond to your child so you don’t get so angry. Or you can let go of perfection and find joy and fulfillment in your messy, beautiful life. 

The hardest part of parenthood is the demands it makes of us. This includes letting go of your old thoughts and ways of living that aren’t serving you well. Often you need to combine that with action and making the changes that will have a profound, positive impact on your parenting. 

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The time will come when you will be on your own to thumb twiddle the hours away. Your house will stay clean and no one will interrupt. It’s those years that are once too far ahead to see, that you get to be you all the days, every day.  

Do whatever you want to do for your family. But do not forget about yourself first. You matter for yourself. Go fill your cup of coffee, leave your kids with their dad. This way you can keep yourself positive and calm. Because giving time to oneself is very important. 


Motherhood pushes us to grow for one simple reason: there’s no quitting in being a mother. And we overcome failure by remembering how far we’ve come, especially when it feels like we haven’t done enough. We remind ourselves that kids need to see all of us, imperfections, failures, and everything. I hope this blog will help you to some extent to know how to make yourself a positive mother.

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