How to Choose the Right Babysitter

the right babysitter

Being exigent while choosing a reliable babysitter is no insult. In fact, it is a daring act of responsibility when you leave your child between the hands of another caretaker. Here is how to tell if a nanny is well-established and ready for the job.

Where to Find a Babysitter:

Ask Neighbors, Coworkers, or Family

When in search of a nanny, the right people to ask are those that you can trust. Also, once you find a babysitter, make sure you contact the family s/he had worked for. Ask about the number of kids and about his/her relationship with them.

Check at a Daycare, a Local School, or College

Nurseries, schools, and colleges are normally filled with qualified young adults who are ready to take the job. Know that the younger the babysitter, the more active s/he is.

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How to Interview a Babysitter:

Meet in a Quiet Place

Sit in a quiet place with your babysitter to have room for chatting

Do not arrange your first meeting with him/her at home. Sit at a quiet coffee shop, for instance, that will give you enough space to chat.

Question Babysitter

Ask whether s/he smokes, drinks, drives, or lives independently. Moreover, aside from asking about his/her education, ask whether s/he is able to interact with children. Ask about his/her patience to deal with chaos and whether s/he is familiar with the use of first aid.

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Follow Him/Her On Facebook or Instagram

Following a babysitter on social media to be familiar with her surroundings

Social media tells a lot about a person, so it is important to screen his/her surroundings that involve family and friends. In addition, if you are able to contact a former employer that s/he worked for, you will know more about his/her professionalism.

Plan a Trial Day

Schedule a day with your babysitter to observe his/her interaction with your children. Spend the day together at home so that you can tell whether the new caretaker is guaranteed to take responsibility for them.

How to Train a Babysitter:

Give Him/Her a Tour Around the House

Respecting a caretaker

The babysitter that you will hire should be a replica of you, so it is important to familiarize him/her with the house. In addition, make him/her feel that s/he belongs to the household, for s/he will be taking hold of major responsibilities. It is also essential to teach your children to respect their nanny and to follow his/her orders.

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Familiarize Babysitter with Your Child’s Preferences

Let him/her know what your children like to eat or how they like to spend the day.

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Display Emergency Numbers

Give him/her your personal and office contacts. You should also display the numbers of the police, the fire station, your child’s doctor, and a close neighbor or relative in case of an urgent need of help.

Sometimes, you don’t need to hire a certified nanny to watch your kids, for there are plenty of young adults who are passionate about children. The key is to make him/her feel at home so that s/he can think of your children as his/her own.






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