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Top 100 Baby Boy Names of the Year 2021

cute baby boy names

Many parents have told me how much they regretted choosing boy names. Some found the name incompatible with their boy’s surname. Others discovered how hard it is to spell or to pronounce. Also, a very high percentage of parents were pressured to uphold a family naming tradition and ended up with a name they hated.

Like fashion, names can be out of style. Have you noticed that some names that were popular when you were little have almost disappeared? Exactly! Naming is a kind of fashion. Although some people prefer classical names, the majority of families are looking for original and unique ones.

After publishing “Cute Baby Girl Names that Will Rock the Year 2021”, we have decided to conduct further research in order to uncover the top baby boy names. The year 2021 holds many surprises for us! Let’s make it spectacular with a whole new generation of wonderful names!

So how to choose a name without feeling overwhelmed? Below are sets of names that will be trendy in 2021. They are sorted alphabetically so that you can be selective and scan easily.

cute boy names

Boy Names A-M

  • Andrew, Arthur, Austin, Ayden, Amer, August
  • Brayn, Boston, Byron, Badran
  • Chase, Christian, Carter, Charles, Colin, Calvin, Carlo
  • Dylan, Devon, David
  • Ethan, Eric, Edwin, Elvis, Ellison
  • Felix, Farid, Forrest
  • Gabriel, Gavin, Gian, Geo
  • Harvey, Harper, Hasan
  • Ivan, Ian, Ilai
  • Joshua, Jordan, Jaiden, James, Jacob, Julian, Jaxon, Jad
  • Kai, Kyle, Karl, Kevin, Kenneth, Kenny, Kareem
  • Lucas, Liam, Logan, Leon, London, Lincoln
  • Matteo, Mason, Maxwell, Matias, Malik, Marcos, Marvin

Names N-Z

  • Nathan, Noah
  • Omar, Oliver, Owen
  • Peter, Preston, Parker, Porter, Paolo
  • Rowan, Ryan, Rodney, Rylen, Robin, Ronald, Rony
  • Steven, Sami, Samer, Sky
  • Timothy, Travis, Theo, Thomas, Tristen, Tarek
  • Vincent
  • William, Wyatt, Watson, Waseem
  • Yaseen, Yaser
  • Zein, Zander

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Tips to Consider When Choosing Boy Names

Choosing your baby’s name is an important decision to make, for he will carry the name for the rest of his life. Never forget about the bullies out there! They are plenty!

To avoid bullying of your child’s name, consider the following tips:

1- Remember that Classic Boy Names Aren’t Always Boring.

There are so many striking classic names that have been around for centuries. For instance, the names, Edwin and Noah, are genuine and trendy while still being passed on through history.

2- Look Up the Name’s Meanings.

This step is imperative because you do not want to end up with a horrifying name. The name Kennedy, for example, means deformed head.

3- Inspect Its Nicknames.

I repeat! Your baby will carry the name for the rest of his life! Therefore, make sure you are satisfied with the long and short versions of the name. Contemplate all possibilities of naming your child, for people are going to nickname him whether you like it or not. If you dislike the nicknames “Bob” and “Bobby”, for example, avoid naming your boy “Ibrahim”. There is no worse feeling than the feeling of regret.

4- Consider Whether It’s Compatible with Your Child’s Surname.

You don’t want to end up with a name and surname with more than ten syllables! Normally, for long family names, two-syllable names work best. On the other hand, long names complement short family names as they make them sound musical.

Consider the name “James”. “James Smith” sounds too choppy; whereas, “James Anderson” is more melodic. The long family name has evened up the pronunciation of “James”, which is made up of only one syllable.

5- Say It Out Loud.

Identify how rhythmic the name sounds with your child’s surname. Also, you don’t want it to sound like the name of a movie star. “Frederic Normandy”, for instance, is musical enough to sound like the name of a celebrity.


So what to expect in the year 2021? Like fashion, name trends will change. Make sure you choose wisely and consider all the options, for you don’t want your baby boy to live with a name that he hates.

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