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Tips on Playing with Babies to Encourage Them to Learn

Playing with babies

Playing with babies and toddlers may be the most important for their development. It allows them to employ their creativity and evolve their dexterity, physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. Through play, children at every age can interact with the world around them.

After publishing “How to Entertain a 0-3-Month Old Baby without a T.V.“, we present you with some important tips to consider while playing with your baby and toddler.

How Can You Make the Best of Playing with Babies and Toddlers?

Let Your Child Be the Leader.

Do you expect your baby to really understand how to play with a toy in his infancy? Allow him to be the leader of his own toys without any instruction. It’s fine if he does not play with them the “right” way. Let him show you a “new” way.

The best way to encourage babies and toddlers to learn is to allow them to discover and explore. Give them new toys and items to touch, smell, and even taste, and through play, they will identify the true ways of using them.

Be Slow.

Take it easy, Momma! Your child needs time to learn, so do not frustrate if he doesn’t get it from the first few times, and don’t do it yourself. Let’s say you are teaching him how to stack one block on another. Begin by modeling the right way to do it and then ask him to stack them by himself. Be patient and keep the level of your frustration at bay so that you can motivate your child to learn new skills.

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Follow Your Child’s Signals.

Babies and toddlers may not be able to express themselves with words, but they truly know how to tell you that they have had enough! Read your child’s signals when he tries to tell you that he’s frustrated. This way, you will switch to a new activity before a tantrum occurs.

Make Sure There Is Enough Play Space.

Making sure that the area is child-friendly will prevent tantrums and accidents. Also, providing your child with enough space to explore will boost his creativity and cognitive skills. The best place you can supply for your child’s playtime is an open-space area where he can shoot balls, run, or ride bikes. When being indoors, a fenced floor mat will work perfectly for spreading toys around.

Here We Go Again!

Playing with babies and reading to them the same books
Children might not only ask you to play a game repeatedly but also to read to them the same storybooks.

It can be frustrating for moms and dads to keep playing the same game over and over again. But believe it or not, it is the most thrilling for your child! Children might not only ask you to play a game repeatedly but also to read to them the same storybooks.

No, your child isn’t trying to bore you! Repetition provides the practice that he needs to master new skills. It improves speed, increases confidence, and enhances the connection in the brain that will help him learn. The more children practice, the more they learn and master new skills, and, as a result, they reward themselves with competency.

Meet Your Child’s Needs.

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, do not underestimate the importance of play! Play is essential for any child to enhance his cognitive abilities. It is important for a healthy brain as well as teaching life lessons.

To know more about how to meet your child’s needs through play, read “HOW TO SUPPORT CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS THROUGH PLAY” by Good Toy Guide.

Playtime is essential in your child’s daily routine. Make it fantastic and educational by letting him be the leader, being patient, providing enough playtime space, repeating the same games, and meeting their needs.



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