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Pregnant Women: How to Compliment Them

If I were a mirror across my pregnant self, I would reveal what I should have known all along. I would shed light on my round tummy, underline my flattened feet, foreground my dark eyelids, feature my swollen hands, and accentuate my expanded weight. Then again, I would highlight my lustrous skin and my luscious hair saying, “Despite all that, you are beautiful and #men find you charming.”

Pregnancy Gives Women a Unique Charm

If you are pregnant and feel like going back to your pre-pregnancy body, this is how your body will appear in the second trimester onwards. After consulting a set of dermatologists, Jenn Sinrich writes about pregnancy perks in “The Science of ‘Pregnancy Glow’ and 5 Other Beauty Benefits of Being Pregnant”.

Your Skin Will Glow

Sinrich certifies that newer cells forming at the surface and the increase in blood volume, estrogen, and progesterone will lead to more blood flow to your skin giving it a rosy glow.

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You May Have Fuller Lips

In addition to your glowing skin, the increased blood flow and hormonal changes will make your lips appear redder and fuller.

Your Hair May Appear Shinier and Thicker

Thanks to the fluctuating pregnancy hormones, Sinrich explains, “your hair follicles stay in the anagen, or active, stage of the hair cycle for longer.” Therefore, this helps keep your hair from falling giving it a healthier and thicker appearance.

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Your Fingernails May Grow Faster

Some women experience fast-growing and stronger fingernails when others don’t. It depends on their pregnancy hormones.

Your Bra Size Will Increase When You Are Pregnant

As the milk ducts begin to develop, enjoy fuller breasts!

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When in Public, Pregnant Women Are Impressive

Whether you’re at the supermarket or taking a walk in your neighborhood, when you’re pregnant, you are the attention catcher. This is how people react around you and your baby bump:

People Address You Kindly When They Spot You Pregnant

It could be your glowing face or your positive attitude towards having a baby that makes your days all joyful.

Your Baby Bump Is Irresistible

People enjoy touvhing baby bumps
Everybody would want to touch your baby bump.

Whether you like it or not, everybody would want to touch your baby bump and feel your baby grooving inside.

Everyone Is at Your Service When You Are Pregnant

When people spot a pregnant lady in public, they promptly begin to wonder how they could carry her bags, walk her across the street, or pick up any of her belongings. So enjoy every moment of being a queen-like prego!

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Men Find You Attractive

Men attracted to pregnant women
“My wife is more beautiful than ever!”

“Five reasons why men find pregnant women attractive”, published by Nile Post, states that men are generally more attracted to pregnant women. That is because they find her nurturing enough to grow a person inside of her. They are also attracted to her full figure that accents her large breasts. Furthermore, being competitive by nature, men are attracted to a woman who is taken by another man, which is clear for a prego.

Calling out “pregnant and charming” could be the best way to compliment a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases a woman passes through in life, for knowing that tomorrow will be more beautiful than today is absolutely marvelous!

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  1. yara
    August 21, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    I love how positive this article is! I hope every woman can see how beautiful she is and what her body can handle! Women, you are heroes 💪🏻

  2. Silvana
    August 21, 2020 at 6:04 pm

    This article encourages the woman to be pregnant because it mentioned the positive side of pregnancy.

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