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Symptoms of Pregnancy: The Top 10 Early Signs

pregnancy symptoms

Remember, a negative pregnancy test result doesn’t mean that you are not with child. What symptoms should you look for to be sure that you’re pregnant?

Do You Think You’re Pregnant? Discover the Top 10 Early Symptoms.

1- Tender, Swollen Breasts Symptoms

As a result of hormonal changes, your breasts may become sensitive and sore. They are, in fact, painful! However, the pain decreases after a few weeks when the body adjusts to its new hormones.

2- Cramping and Spotting Symptoms

Some women experience uterine cramping as an early symptom of pregnancy. Light spotting, known as implantation bleeding, often occurs as well. It normally happens after 10 to 14 days of conception as the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus. However, spotting does not happen to all women.

3- Bloating

Just like the beginning of your menstrual cycle, your tummy bloats! It may be due to the hormonal changes. Slow digestion also leads to bloating and may result in constipation.

4- Smell Sensitivity

Most women are sensitive to smell early in pregnancy, and I was there. Certain smells of perfumes, foods, and more can uniquely be strong. Some women may even be disgusted by their partner’s perfume! Research claims that nausea and vomiting occur as a result of smell sensitivity.

5- Food Revulsion

The only time I was guilt-free when it comes to eating was during early pregnancy! I would eat anything. You just name it! However, there were some foods that couldn’t enter my mouth!

Because pregnant women are sensitive to smell, it becomes quite impossible for them to eat certain foods. Revulsion to food is an early sign of pregnancy that occurs due to hormonal changes. It may last until the first trimester is over. Good luck, pregoes!

6- Weight Gain

Symptoms of pregnancy include over-eating and food revulsion.
The only time I was guilt-free when it comes to eating was during early pregnancy!

Weight gain during early pregnancy is not only limited to your increased calorie intake. In fact, the body does not need more calories in the first trimester. Weight gain in pregnancy is distributed upon the breasts, placenta, uterus, amniotic fluid, increased blood and fluid volume, and, of course, fat.

7- Nasal Congestion

Increased blood production in your body may lead your mucus to swell and dry out. This results in nasal bleeding, and might cause you to have a stuffy and runny nose.

8- Moodiness

When they married us, little did they know about that! Women are moody, but let’s not forget about those hormonal changes. The most common early pregnancy symptom is moodiness. Because of the increase in hormones, pregnant women become significantly emotional and weepy.

9- Pregnancy Glow Symptoms

Pregnant women are beautiful. Now, the high hormonal levels and increased blood volume push more blood into your vessels leading to what everyone calls “the pregnancy glow”.

Find out more about how beautiful you will get when you are pregnant. Read: “Pregnant Women: How to Compliment Them”.

10- Missed Period

If you have a regular menstrual cycle, and ten days have passed after the date of your period, then you are possibly pregnant. A missed period is the best symptom of early pregnancy. Rely on that!

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Did You Find Any of These Symptoms?

Well, every woman is unique to herself, and this is what makes us, women, superior to men. Very feministic right? Let’s joke on it. What I mean is that women get different pregnancy symptoms. So if you can’t see your symptom, that’s probably because you do not belong to the majority of women who do. Pregnancy is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life, so embrace every moment.




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