Why Being Pregnant in Fall is Awesome

Pregnancy in fall

Sometimes, I wish I had known what it’s like to be pregnant in fall, my favorite season of the year. September is almost over, pregoes, so start getting ready! Here, on Petit Mignon Lebanon, you will know why it is absolutely awesome to be pregnant in the fall.

Pregnancy Fall Activities are Super Fun


Asking why fall is my favorite season? Well, I adore the weather! Enjoy preparing your baby’s new room in the bearable temperature of the season.

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There’s a baby inside you who wants to have fun! Decorate your baby bump like a pumpkin for Halloween this season.


Sales are everywhere! You can shop for the best maternity and baby clothes at reasonable prices.

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Fall Sports

Exercising will become a lot easier with the cooling weather. I suppose you, pregoes, can take much advantage!

Furthermore, it’s the olive season in Lebanon! What a fun exercise it can be to harvest the olive trees with your family!

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The Best Maternity Clothes Are Worn in the Fall


My favorite outfit – a long-sleeved shirt with a pair of colorful leggings! Fall is the season when you can spare the tight jeans and pull off the cotton leggings. Such a delight for a prego!


No more tight clothes! Your bump is getting bigger and your tops are getting tighter! Being pregnant, you deserve to feel comfortable, and the right hood makes the best maternity clothing for fall.

No Bathing Suits

We all love the beach, but, believe me, only a prego hates it! Well, in fall, you don’t need to expose your growing bump or your thick thighs anymore.

Pumpkins in fall
Pumpkin, pumpkin, orange pumpkin!

Delicious Healthy Foods Are Made in Fall


Hungry for sugar? Fall fruits are tasty and rich in healthy natural sugars. Apples, grapes, pears, figs, and bananas will all be available.


Didn’t your doctor tell you to eat vegetables? Broccoli, lettuce, carrots, celery, artichokes, spinach, edamame, and sweet potatoes are some of the tastiest vegetables of fall.

Remember, it’s the olive season in Lebanon! Then, you can harvest the best olives and make the healthiest thyme.

Olive season in fall

Delicious Cooked Meals

Below are recipes from What to Expect for pregnancy meals that you can prepare at home:

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Imagine yourself walking through the colorful shades of autumn, the wind in your hair, and an apple in your hand! Are you also pregnant? Now, that’s awesome!





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