Chicco Audio Baby Monitor

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Audio Baby Monitor

The baby monitor audio provides all the basic functions that mom and dad need to stay close to their baby even when they are not next: sound level indicators to get feedback even when the unit is in silent mode, 10 levels of volume to hear even the slightest sounds, practical support to hear the sound in the best way, delicate design to better integrate with the bedroom, ensures communication even at a large distance between the units, high immunity to interference caused by similar devices, no interference audio-video caused by other devices.
  • DECT technology allows you not to have audio interference caused by other appliances..
  • Wide range of operation ensures even long-range communication between units (up to 300 m in optimum conditions in open areas without obstructions)..
  • With lights to indicate the intensity of the noise from the room where the child is (active even in silent mode)..
  • 10 levels of volume to hear even the subtlest of sounds..
  • Practical holder to better hear the sound..

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Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 cm

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