Chicco Extra-Absorbent Sponge

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0m+; Made of natural cellulose, known for its high capacity to absorb water.Soft and gentle on the skin once soaked in water.

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Chicco Extra-Absorbent Sponge

As The Name Suggests, The Chicco – Safe Hygiene Extra Absorbent Sponge Is Capable Of Absorbing Lots Of Water.

It Is A Highly Acclaimed Product That Is Used For The Purpose Of Giving Bath To Kids.

The Product Is Completely Natural Which Means That The Product Is Very Safe To Use.

It Is Made Up Of Natural Cellulose Which Calls For The High Water Absorbing Entity.

Comes In A Shape Which Makes It Very Comfortable To Use As Well.

It Is Extremely Gentle And Effective On The Tender Skin Of The Kids.

Functions Made Of Natural Cellulose, Known For Its High Capacity To Absorb Water.

Soft And Gentle On The Skin Once Soaked In Water. Completely Natural.

In A Shape That Makes It Comfortable To Use.

It Is Extremely Gentle And Effective On The Tender Skin Of The Kids


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