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How to Be a Professional at Soothing a Fussy Baby

How to soothe a fussy baby

Being pregnant and fluttery brings enough joy to make you dispose of the image of fussy babies, crying over reasons you are most definitely clueless about. Believe it or not, the reality of putting a crying baby to sleep has a complete twist to what you might have imagined. Whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, you will be in need of a few techniques to soothe your colicky baby and put her to sleep safely.

   The major tip is to make your baby comfortable. As your new-born tries to adjust to the new world, she cries for security, so it is wise to create an environment that mimics her life in the womb. Here are some ways:

Why Is My Baby Being Fussy?

Nothing is wrong when your baby gets fussy. Babies cry all the time for common reasons. It is definitely appropriate to call your baby’s pediatrician though. Below are a few causes of your baby’s fussiness:

  • Hunger: Your baby may not be getting enough milk when breastfeeding.
  • Overtiredness: Your baby may need to sleep.
  • Loneliness: She surely would want her mommy when you leave her alone.
  • Discomfort: Always make sure your baby is not too hot and not cold.
  • Going through spurts: Spurts are times when your baby experiences sudden growth. They happen any time between two months and 12 months.

How Do You to Calm Your Fussy Baby?

1- Move Your Fussy Baby.

In opposition to what people may think, a steady bassinet does not comfort a crying baby, for it does not mimic her sleeping position in the womb that is in continuous movement. During pregnancy, even when you sleep, your body is moving, so shaking things up a bit may make your baby more comfortable.

Rocking Your Baby

Hold your baby close and swivel back and forth at the hips. You may use nursing pillows for comfort.

Using Baby Swings or Taking Drives

The bubbly movements are quite noteworthy when trying to soothe your baby.

For your own comfort, check some nice and soft nursing pillows from Petit Mignon.

2- Make Noise.

The womb is not a place for peace and tranquillity. A baby in the womb sleeps amid several noises; such as the beating of your heart, gurgle in your stomach, digestion, and air entering and leaving your lungs.

To mimic the rackets in the womb, try white noise:White Noise Machines

Any machine with a whooshing sound has a soothing effect. For instance, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and fans can come in handy when trying to lull your baby.


You can even make shushing sounds or induce hums of the waves or trees in the jungle.

3- Swaddle Your Fussy Baby or Try Kangaroo Care.

Calming a baby through swaddling
Cute little baby kangaroo

A womb is a cozy place for a baby to be tightly packed. Thus, swaddling your baby or wrapping her tightly in a cloth generates a feeling of security. Moreover, as interesting as it can be, keeping your baby close to your body in a kangaroo can keep her calm as you do house chores or run some errands. 

Check some stylish swaddles from Petit Mignon.

4- Hold Your Baby in Comforting Positions.

 A newborn’s neck is considerably weak to hold her heavy head up, so when you carry your baby, make sure to support her neck to give her a comforting embrace. “Westchester Health” in “What’s The Right Way To Hold My Newborn?” shows some effective holding positions from Momjunction.com to calm your baby.

5- Call Daddy to the Rescue.

Dads putting fussy babies to sleep
Daddy can be king at soothing his baby.

Whenever you find yourself powerless at comforting your baby, do not lose control of your mind; instead, call a male caretaker to take hold of her. Daddy can be king at soothing his baby. No matter what the reason may be, his strong arms and warm body give him the power to easily rock and calm a baby.

What will your baby most likely get from her dad? Read “10 Traits a Baby Inherits from Daddy” .

               Putting a fussy baby to sleep could be one of the most challenging jobs a mother and a father have to do. However, as frustrating as it can be, leave your baby crying for a few minutes, it won’t hurt her. Give yourself a break and pull your thoughts together. The most important thing to consider is making your baby comfortable and mimicking her world in the womb. Once she feels secure, she will immediately feel at ease.

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