baby girl names

Cute Baby Girl Names that Will Rock the Year 2021

Choosing a name for your children is both fun and serious. You may want to consider many factors before deciding what people will call them when they grow up. For instance, some names trigger bullying and others devolve into nicknames. To choose the right name, you may start by counting syllables. In most cases, 2 syllable names look good with long family names. Now, if you are looking for a modern yet exquisite name for your baby girl, here is a list of genuine names of 2 syllables that will rock the year 2021.

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Pregnancy in fall

Why Being Pregnant in Fall is Awesome

Sometimes, I wish I had known what it’s like to be pregnant in fall, my favorite season of the year. September is almost over, pregoes, so start getting ready for fall! Here, on Petit Mignon Lebanon, you will know why it is absolutely awesome to pregnant in the fall.

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a dad has an influence on his children

10 Traits a Baby Inherits from Daddy

What could be more exhilarating than to know how your baby will look and act like after she’s born! According to Family Education, ‘…[she is] 60% more likely to have traits that are “active” from [her] dad simply because nature has a natural preference to express those genes.’ There you have it! Below are 10

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ستي عم تحكي

كيف بتعرفي انك حامل ببنت أو ولد بدون سونار؟ اسألي ستي

أحلا تسلية بفترة الحبل بلبنان هي إنك تتعرفي على جنس طفلك من دون حكيم. ياما الناس حللت! شي مرة سألتي حالك كيف كانوا يعرفوا جنس الجنين قبل السونار؟ إسمعي نظريات الستات نظرية ستي عن الشهية !عم تاكلي موالح يعني معك صبي، عم تاكلي حلوايات يعني معك بنت. ريتو الف صحة .Petit Mignon خلي بنتك أحلى

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